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Vestfold is a county rich in history, with several one-of-a-kind monuments and museums that tell exciting stories of its past. It is also a great place to enjoy the outdoors, where activities on offer range from coastal hiking to zip-lining through the treetops.

County with a proud past

Vestfold is home to many unique museums that document historical periods and trades that have definined the area. The county flourished during the Viking ages, and is home to a good number of Viking landmarks. Midgard historical centre in Borre teaches visitors about Vikings through exhibitions, guiding, and an outdoor Viking playground.

In the city of Sandefjord, you’ll find the Whaling Museum, Europe’s only museum dedicated to whales and whaling. The city also has famous whaling monument, which commemorates the city's former whaling workers.

Where Edvard Munch came to paint

In 1889, painter Edvard Munch spent the first of what would become many summers in Vestfold’s town of Åsgårdstrand. He soon became captivated by the area’s distinctive shorelines, which are rendered in several of his paintings from the 1880s and 90s. The people of Åsgårdstrand and their daily endeavors also figure amongst Much’s well-known motifs.

Munch bought an old fisherman’s cottage in Åsgårstrand in in 1897. The cottage is the only one of Munch’s dwellings that has been preserved as it was when he lived there, and today it functions as a small museum, open to visitors all year round.

A place for utdoor recreation in many forms

Vestfold has an extensive network of signposted trails that take you from town to town along the coast, perfect for hiking or biking. Pause along the way and enjoy the sound of seabirds, the smell of salt water, and soothing views of the Skagerak horizon.

If you prefer to take a walk with your golf clubs, Vestfold offers you some of Norway's best golf courses. Golf season lasts from April to October. For yet another take on outdoor fun, bring the whole family to the beautiful valley of Lågedalen and up between the treetops in High and Low Activity Park

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