Journey back in time at Norway's amazing fortresses

Fortresses in the Oslo region

Enjoy a perfect mix of relaxation, culture and time travel.

Norway’s fortresses are as popular as ever, with over two million people visiting them every year. No wonder! Not only are they enticing with their majestic appearance and historic flair.

They are also equipped with beautiful parks and restaurants, making them perfect spots for a relaxing whole-day outing. With a bit of planning, you can catch a concert, a ghost walk or an outdoor play on the fortress grounds. 

Several of Norway’s most popular fortresses lie in the Oslo region, and we highly recommend including a fortress visit in your itinerary. You may even spend the night at a couple of them, if you dare ... 

Oslo region fortress guide

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Did you know ...

… that Fredriksten Fortress is the largest fortress in Norway?
The beautiful complex was built in the 17th century to keep the Swedes out. It offers a fantastic view of the Oslo fjord and far into what once was enemy territory.


Overview of Fredriksten Fortress
Overview of Fredriksten Fortress
Photo: Visit Oslo Region/Didrick Stenersen

… that the Arendelle castle in Disney's Frozen was modelled after the castle at Akerhus Fortress?

You won't meet Elsa here, but this stunning renaissance attraction lies right in the heart of Oslo – and purportedly houses a few ghosts.


… that Kongsvinger Fortress has never been conquered by any enemy?

For hundreds of years, the fortress has kept foreign soldiers out of the region. In these peaceful times, it is open all year.


… that Oscarsborg Fortress delayed the German attack on Oslo in 1940?

The crew at the fortress sunk the German cruiser Blücher, giving the King, Government and Parliament sufficient time to evacuate Oslo.


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