Food in the Oslo region

From food safari in the farmlands to Michelin restaurants in the city

The Oslo region is one of the main areas for food-production in Norway. From potatoes and cereals to beef and game - a short distance from the farm to the restaurant, ensures high-quality products to their customers.

On this tour, you will visit places and areas that are all within a few hours of Oslo City Centre. You will experience a great and varied taste of Norwegian food, drink and culture. In addition, this trip gives you an introduction to the many experiences that our region can offer, as well as new travel ideas. You will experience an aquavit production and tasting of regional products, prepare your own dinner, taste beer in the local brewery and enjoy fine cuisine.


In Gjøvik, we will visit the "Hoff potato factory", where the base of the Norwegian aquavit is produced. During an aquavit test we will learn more about the history and culture of the Norwegian aquavit.


At Arcus, just outside Oslo, most Norwegian aquavits are produced and stored in oak barrels. We will make a guided tour through the entire production, including a stop at the barrel storage with its 8-10,000 barrels. Lunch and aquavit sample.


On the island group Hvaler we will look for our own food and enjoy ti together with locals, in a seamen´s cabin, outdoor in the marine national park or in one of the restaurants.


In Halden, close to the Swedish border, we visit Fredriksten Fortress, Norway`s largest, most important and most venerable border fortress. After a guided tour, or just a stroll on the ramparts we enjoy a meal at Restaurant Curtisen, a small restaurant with a fantastic kitchen on historic ground.


A few minutes’ ride from the city of Halden we find Klatring på Grensen, one of the largest adventure parks/climbing parks in Norway. Here you can have fun and experience challenges in 14 courses, 5 different Tarzan- jumps, many zip lines, the "barn zip-line" and the "barn jump". Here, everyone can find challenges!



The trend of micro-breweries or craft breweries has grown in recent years. In the Oslo region, we now have several breweries with tasty beers from smaller batches. We visit a local microbrewery to learn more about the production of beer and various tastes.


Fine Dining

The area around Oslo has an increasing number of gourmet restaurants and a range of qualitatively excellent cuisine to offer. The many restaurants in and around Oslo confirm this and we will enjoy a tasty menu in the evening.


Oslo city tour with its own spin

A leisurely stroll through the central part of Oslo with a knowledgeable guide where we will hear more about food and the history of Jo Nesbø's "Harry Hole". The tour also includes a stop in "Mathallen" (Meatpacking District), Oslo's newest attraction for food and drink.


Art, culture and experiences

During this tour, we will experience other elements besides eating and drinking, which will give the travel companions good memories and new ideas for other adventure trips. This can be an interval between historical and idyllic places, as well as art galleries and local events and much more.