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Norwegian Explorers - Viking Kings, Roald Amundsen and Thor Heyerdahl

Experience the legacy from some of Norway´s most famous Explorers around the Oslo fjord. On this tour you will visit sites and areas, which have been important in both Norwegian history and in our explorers’ life.

Norwegian Explorers offers an introduction to the many experiences of the Oslo fjord including Viking ships, maritime history, the homes and history of our polar hero, historic fortresses and Thor Heyerdahl’s rafts.


Roald Amundsen´s home 

Visit Roald Amundsen´s home Uranienborg at Svartskog. Guided tour in the home where Amundsen lived from 1908 to 1928, when he disappeared in the ice over the North pole looking for his arctic competitor General Nobile. It is kept as it was when he left for his final expedition. 


Sarpsborg - Borgarsyssel Museum

Borgarsyssel is where Viking King Olaf Haraldsson (later St Olav) builds his castle and founded the city of Borg in 1016. Enjoy lunch at the King´s Table and activities with the King´s men after the meal.


Halden – Fredriksten Fortress

Fredriksten is Norway`s largest, most important and most venerable border fortress. Many also find it one of the most magnificent in Europe, majestically located above Halden. It offers a fantastic view of the town and the fjord, and far into what once was enemy territory.


Fredrikstad – the island of Isegran and Roald Amundsen´s birth home

The island of Isegran

This beautiful island Isegran, situated in the river between the Old Town and Kråkerøy in Fredrikstad is the perfect place for food, culture and recreation. The well renowned Yacht designer and boat builder Bjarne Aas had his work-shop here, and the island was naval base for Peter Wessel Tordenskiold during the Great Nordic War. A break and maritime entertainment on board HMS Najaden, Norway´s third fully rigged ship.


Roald Amundsen´s birth home

Young Roald got a taste for adventure here; the proud sailing ships of the family shipping firm were berthed on the Glomma below his farm. He left his birth home at an early age, but always returned during holidays. The old “captain’s house” is one of the best preserved in the country, and contains furniture from the period and souvenirs from Amundsen’s expeditions. Enjoy Amundsen´s Explorer Track overlooking the river where one of the activities is skiing - all year!


The Viking Hall in Borre 

The Viking Hall in Borre is a part of Midgard Historical Centre and lies next to Northern Europe’s largest assembly of monumental grave mounds from the Germanic Iron Age and the Viking Age.


Tønsberg – the oldest town in Norway

Passing the Gokstad mound where the famous Gokstad Viking long ship was excavated in 1880. Visit Slottsfjell Museum with the Middle Ages exhibition and see Norway’s fourth preserved Viking ship.


The city of Sandefjord 

Visit Midtåsen Sculpture park, the beautiful former property and home of shipping magnet Anders Jahre. The estate has a large park containing several sculptures, a dedicated pavilion to the artist Knut Steen, as well as a fantastic view over the fjord of Sandefjord.


Oscarsborg Fortress - in the Oslo Fjord

Most Norwegians know Oscarsborg Fortress as the fortification that sank the German cruiser Blücher during the Second World War. Today Oscarsborg is open to the public and in addition to the museum and the original fortifications there is several restaurants and a hotel there today. Spend the night in Oscarsborg Hotel.


The Kon-Tiki Museum

Thor Heyerdahl was one of the world’s most famous scientists, adventurers and environmental campaigners of all time. The Kon-Tiki Museum houses original vessels and artifacts from Heyerdahl’s world-renowned expeditions. Experience the Kon-Tiki raft, the reed boat Ra II, an exhibition about the Tigris and an Easter Island exhibition that includes a 10-metre replica of a statue from Easter Island.


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