Charlotte Skogen, Project Manager International Media, VisitOSLO

Charlotte Skogen

Project Manager International Media (on maternity leave)

Charlotte Skogen, VisitOSLO
Charlotte Skogen, VisitOSLO
Photo: VisitOSLO/Fotograf Sturlason

Charlotte is currently on maternity leave. Please contact in her absence. 

What does Charlotte do? 
Charlottemanages international media who want to write about Oslo or make programme features from the city.

The job consists of everything from answering enquiries, arranging and coordinating programmes for the press, welcoming media people, organising press centres for major events, as well as collecting and sharing international press reports and articles about the city.

Who is Charlotte? 
Charlotte is originally from Fredrikstad but has lived in Oslo since 2006. She has a marketing background and has studied Business French and International Trade.

Charlotte enjoys learning new languages, and loves to travel.

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