Else Marte Thue Remen, Project Coordinator Meetings, VisitOSLO

Else Marte Thue Remen

Project Coordinator Meetings

Else Marte Thue Remen, VisitOSLO
Else Marte Thue Remen, VisitOSLO
Photo: VisitOSLO/Fotograf Sturlason

Contact Else: 
E-mail: else.remen@visitoslo.com 

What does Else do?
Else's main responsibility is VisitOSLO's Eco-Lighthouse project, a project aiming to make the company Eco-Lighthouse certified. She also helps out with day-to-day tasks in the department. 

Who is Else? 
Else is a curious and sporty girl who loves travelling. Her teens were, to a great extent, spent practicing martial arts, especially Thai boxing, submission wrestling and boxing. She later travelled to a temple in China where she studied Shaolin Kung Fu under a 32nd generation Shaolin warrior monk. 

Exploring new cultures and countries became very important for Else, and as a student, she moved to South Africa for six months to study. She loves new countries, languages, cultures, food, music and people, good red wine and high mountains! 

Else's top picks in Oslo

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