Liz Wennevold, VisitOSLO

Liz Wennevold

Agnes-Elisabeth Wennevold, VisitOSLO
Agnes-Elisabeth Wennevold, VisitOSLO
Photo: VisitOSLO/Fotograf Sturlason

Contact Liz: 
Tel. +47  900 52 206 

What does Liz do? 
Liz is part of VisitOSLO's meetings team, and is responsible for statistics, the meetings calendar and brochures. 

When guests arrive at VisitOSLO's Kirkegata offices, Liz is the one who greets them with a smile and helps them find a good cup of coffee. 

Who is Liz? 
Liz is an eclectic culture consumer who appreciates anything from a ballet with classical music to a Norwegian black metal gig. She enjoys visiting stately manors as well as secluded shops or museums, as long as the place oozes with history. 

Liz is also a volunteer at Inferno Metal Festival, and she often discovers new sides of Oslo when she proudly shows artists around in her city. 

Liz's top picks in Oslo