Synne Myhre, Director Visitor Services, VisitOSLO

Synne Myhre

Director Visitor Services

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Tel. +47 924 24 645 

Synne Myhre,VisitOSLO
Synne Myhre,VisitOSLO
Photo: VisitOSLO/Fotograf Sturlason

What does Synne do? 
Synne is head of the Hello Oslo department, with responsibility for the Visitor Centre, Oslo Pass, cruise, and the company's commercial products and brochure distribution. She also has a responsibility for the department's human resources and budget.

Who is Synne? 
Synne is originally from Vinstra, but has lived in Oslo for almost 20 years. She is a qualified teacher but has mostly worked in the hospitality branch and tourism. 

Synne cannot live without music, caffèllatte and bad television series, and preferably in the company of others. She loves to travel but is even happier when she gets back home!

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