VisitOSLO Widget | Easy integration of Oslo info in digital channels

VisitOSLO Widget

Our widget lets you show the contents of our database on your website, on info screens and other digital appliances. Like that, you can easily integrate our event calendar into your webpage, create info boards, or show of local restaurants and attractions.

VisitOSLO has a database containing thousands of data sets on attractions, activities, events, hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs in Oslo. You can get access to, filter and show this information by using our widget. By using the widget, you can for instance create an event calendar, inform your guests about attractions in the area, and inform them about restaurants close by. 

What is a widget?

A widget is a small program that can be integrated into your websites, in order to get access to resources that do not belong to your website. Well-known examples of widgets are social media buttons, advertisements, etc. 


Possibilities with the VisitOSLO widget

Our widget can be adapted to cover many needs. You can select what kind of content you want it do display. Examples for filters are museums, hiking tours, or classical concerts. You can restrict the selection to a certain geographical area.


With the correct filters, you can

  • integrate an event calendar
  • show important attractions
  • create a list of exhibitions in Oslo
  • inform about restaurants in your area
  • etc.


The widget is fully scalable and can be styled. Therefore, it fits screens of all sizes and can be seamlessly integrated into all webpages.

This makes the widget an ideal solution for

  • webpages
  • info screens
  • TV screens in hotel rooms
  • touchscreens
  • and all other devices that support JavaScript 


For complex projects, you can alternatively get access to VisitOSLO’s API. Send us an e-mail if you want more information about the widget or the API.