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Ideas for use of the data

Ideas for ways to use the data from VisitOSLO's database.

In the same way as we are letting you use content from our databse, we have used the content ourselves on our website and in our app. Our own services show many ways to use the data. 

Some examples: 

Complete product lists 

Show a whole category or sub category, e.g. attractions, museums (sub category of attractions), restaurants, hostels ... 

"10 suggestions for ..."

Different lists with suggestions, each containing 10 products - a selection made by VisitOSLO, e.g. 10 suggestions for a winter day, 10 top attractions ...

Selection based on "tags"

Show products from different categories tagged with e.g. "for children" or "included in the Oslo Pass".
Read more about this here: Database content 

Near you/us 

Use map coordinates to show museums/restaurants/hotels etc. near a specific point – either near the user (like in our app, see photo at the top of this page) or near your own business ("attractions near the hotel"). 


If you have questions related to the content and available filters, please contact
For technical questions, please see the technical documentation

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