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Technical documentation

How are the data received? 
The feed you get is a REST service that delivers data in XML format. You need to have (or build) an import program to retrieve the data and store it in your own database. If this is not 100 % within your comfort zone you should consider contracting someone to do this for you. 

The feed shall only be used to import data into your own database. There can be no interaction between the end user application and the API – only the scheduled import program shall touch the API. For a full set of rules, parameters and implementation guidelines please see the full documentation of the Feed API

With the XML feed as a starting point, you will create your own feed into your application, where you filter and select the information that you want to display.

Data updates and download frequency  
The service must be implemented with a combination of full and incremental download schedules – see terms of use

Alternative to the XML feed? 
If you wish to receive the data in other ways than the descriped XML feed, you can make an alternative arrangement with New Mind | TellUs. You pay them by the hour for the consultation to find the solution that best suits your needs. 

The data can only be used by the specific customer and application which has been approved by VisitOSLO after applying for access.
Pages that use the content shall not be indexed by search engines – see terms of use.  

Full documentation and sample feed: