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Cruise suppliers

Port agency and shore excursion services for cruise lines.


For professional assistance for cruise ships calling in Oslo, please contact either of the following operators:


Port operators and port agents

European Cruise Service
Strandgaten 197
Box 1926 Nordnes N - 5817 Bergen
Tel: +47 5590 0780
Fax: +47 5590 0696


Tour operators that offer shore excursions

Shore excursion companies, also known as Shore Ex or ground operators, design suitable day- or detours for passengers by packaging a range of products which they offer the cruise lines for sale on board the ship prior to arrival.

Shore excursion companies arrange daytrips, tours and activities, catering arrangements and support to be able to ensure that passengers receive a good experience and value for money. They act as a central point of contact for any tourism issues.

In addition ground operators handle any necessary transport and organise passenger disembarkation and embarkation formalities in base or turnaround ports and transfer passengers to and from the airport or hotels.

Several shore excursion companies offer services to cruise lines coming to Oslo: 

Nordic Cruise Services
Fridtjof Nansen plass 8,
N-0160 Oslo
Tel.: +47 22 83 50 55
Fax: +47 22 83 50 56

Fred. Olsen Travel
Prinsensgate 2 b,
N-0152 Oslo
Tel.: + 47 22 34 11 11




European Cruise Service
Strandgaten 197
Box 1926 Nordnes N-5817 Bergen
Tel.: +47 5590 0780
Fax: +47 5590 0696




Norway Cruise Handling
Lodin Lepps gate 2b
N-5003 Bergen
Tel.: + 47 55 30 80 00
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