Why choose Oslo for your media visit

Why Oslo

Why Oslo is the perfect choice for your media visit

The once distant and remote outpost which once was Christiania, has in recent years turned into Europe's fastest-growing capital city, with a population of 700,000 expected to reach the 1 million mark within the next twenty years.

With a healthy influx of people constantly moving to Oslo, the city has begun to resemble the soul of the people that inhabit it.

Dozens of lively cafes, bars and restaurants have popped up, and continue to do so, all over town, at a rate which even most Osloites find hard to follow.

And whilst the once rusty docks have transformed into luxurious seafront architectural marvels, other less known pearls of Oslo's industrial past have been re-discovered and revamped into foodhalls, colleges, bars, and art galleries, breathing a much-needed breath of fresh air into Oslo's cultural life.

Oslo is the cold north. It is also warm summery days on the fjord. Oslo is skiing and trekking in the Oslomarka and fine dining later the same evening. Oslo is Munch, the Opera, stunning parks, and unique cocktail bars and a vibrant urban scene.

Looking for some hot topics to cover? Visit Oslo for more:

  • Dazzling architecture and exciting major city development projects

  • World-renowned art and unique museums

  • A lively foodie urban culture with concept bars and cafes

  • A vibrant music and festival scene 

  • A nordic coffee culture

  • Dedicated entrepreneurs and passionate locals

  • A vehicle-free city centre and diverse, exciting neighbourhoods

  • A trendy scandi lifestyle and design

Are you planning a media trip to Oslo? See this page for useful information.

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