Oslo brochures

Oslo brochures

Useful information on the official Oslo brochures and maps.

WISP Kreativt Studio

VisitOSLO no longer publishes any brochures. The official brochures (the Oslo Guide) and city maps are published by WISP Kreativt Studio, with VisitOSLO as a content contributor.  

About the Oslo Guide 
The official tourist guide for Oslo and the Oslo region contains useful information about Oslo's sights, shopping, restaurants, sightseeing, practical information, and much more. The Oslo Guide 2018 is available in six languages: English, Norwegian, German, Spanish, French and Chinese (Mandarin). 

If you have any questions about the brochures, please contact the publisher, WISP Kreativt Studio: peter@wispkreativtstudio.no

Download the Oslo Guide and city map 

Download the Oslo Guide or city map as PDF here:  

Where to get the brochures 

If you have any questions about brochure delivery, please contact the publisher, WISP Kreativt Studio: peter@wispkreativtstudio.no.

When arriving in Oslo, visitors can get one free copy of the Oslo Guide and city map at Oslo Visitor Centre, Oslo Airport as well as many hotels, hostels and attractions. At Oslo Visitor Centre you will also find free brochures for activities, attractions and sightseeing tours.

Updated information online: 
We recommend using our website visitoslo.com or our free city app for updated information on Oslo. 

It is possible to buy our city card Oslo Pass in the Oslo Pass app, and our free city app will give you comprehensive information about the offers included in the pass. 

The Oslo Pass booklet 

The booklet describes all the advantages of the Oslo Pass. The booklet is distributed to the Oslo Pass sales points, and the visitor receives the booklet when they purchase the pass in Oslo. 

Download the Oslo Pass booklet (PDF, 19 MB) 

Download a printer-friendly quick guide to the Oslo Pass (PDF, 1 MB)