Tourism in Oslo and Norway: Statistics and analysis

Statistics and analysis

Tourism in Oslo and Norway in numbers 

Suggested sources for statistics and analysis:

Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway promotes nationwide industrial development profitable to both the business economy and Norway's national economy, and helps release the potential of different districts and regions by contributing towards innovation, internationalisation and promotion.

Suggested pages from Innovation Norway: 

Statistics Norway

As the central Norwegian office for official government statistics, Statistics Norway (Statistisk sentralbyrå, abbreviated to SSB) provides the public and government with extensive independent research and analysis. SSB relies extensively on data from registers, but are also collecting data from surveys and questionnaires, including from cities and municipalities. 

Suggested pages from Statistics Norway: 

The Norwegian Centre for Transport Research

The main objectives of the Norwegian Centre for Transport Research are to carry out applied research on issues connected with transport. It also promotes the application of research results by advising the authorities, the transport industry and the public at large.

Suggested pages from the Norwegian Centre for Transport Research: