Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival 12–21 Sept 2019 - Oslo, Norway

Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

12–21 September 2019 at various venues in Oslo

Ultimafestivalen 2014
Ultimafestivalen 2014
Photo: Ultimafestivalen 2014/Henrik Beck

When autumn hits Oslo, Ultima moves into the city's big and small concert venues. Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival has been an annual event since 1991, and is Norway's biggest festival for contemporary music.



Tickets are sold for individual events through ultima.no.

About the festival

Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival takes place in Oslo every autumn. The festival lasts two and a half weeks, starting in the end of September. During this period, the festival presents a large number of concerts with contemporary music, but you can also see opera, puppet theatre, dance, film, installations and composer meetings.

At the Ultima festival even the most eager concert goers can hear something they've never heard before. Each year the festival program contains many first performances of works from both Norwegian and international composers.

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