Reduce, reuse and repair: Fun ways to beat consumerism in Oslo

Reduce, reuse and repair

Smart ways to beat consumerism in Oslo

Human consumption has a major impact on the climate and environment, and as conscious consumers, we can all make a difference.

Here are some smart (and fun!) ways you can keep your consumer footprint low while visiting the Norwegian capital.

Support food waste reduction

Trying to reduce food waste may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a vacation, but as a visitor to Oslo, you'll be able to support businesses that have made this their top priority.

Restaurant Rest ('leftover') has translated the rejection of modern consumerism into a unique culinary concept. Head chef Jimmy and his team serve food made from ingredients that other eateries deem too weird to use.


Chefs at restaurant Rest
Chefs at restaurant Rest
Photo: Mohrifilms


Under the motto "no ingredient left behind", oddly shaped carrots, misfit chickens, discarded parts of the crab and many other ingredients that would normally just be thrown away make their way to the table as tasty gourmet dishes. 

Another tip: Many hotels in Oslo are making efforts to reduce the amount of food they throw away every day. Call ahead to make sure the hotel you pick for your stay is one of them.

Buy second hand

Buying used stuff is a great way to support the environment. It's obviously also good news for your travel budget.

Oslo offers a great selection of second hand and vintage shops where you can go treasure hunting among tons of great items waiting for a second chance. As it happens, some of these stores are among the coolest in town, too.

Selected second-hand favourites

Find more second hand stores

Although Oslo does not have a lot of large regular markets, flea markets and yard sales are plentiful. Many school bands and other organisations hold markets twice a year, typically in April/May and September/October.

Recent years have also seen a surge in clothing swaps, a great way of renewing your wardrobe while also having fun and chatting up with the locals. 

Upcoming markets

Visit a local repair shop

Breathing new life into old stuff is a sure great way of saving the planet. Ok, so we know you most likely won't bring any defunct stuff from home, but Oslo has a few repair shops that are so cleverly set up you can visit and back up their efforts anyway. 

Rouleur is a combined bike repair shop and wine bar in the charming neighbourhood of St. Hanshaugen. In addition to getting your bike fixed, you may enjoy Scandinavian-style coffee, a sustainable wine menu, hand-crafted spirits and herbal liqueurs. Rouleur also claims to have the best gin & tonics in town.

The bar at Rouleur
The bar at Rouleur
Photo: VisitOSLO/Anders Husa

Peloton, located right downtown, combines bike repairs with "a damn good pizza", according to themselves. They also offer a selectection of high quality wines, beers and cocktails.


Help keep Oslo clean

Oslo aims to lead the way in waste management, and facilitates garbage reduction in many ways.

As a visitor, there are several things you can do to keep waste down and off the streets. 

All around Oslo, you'll find containers for recycling glass, paper and metal. A nice deposit system is in place for returning empty cans and bottles. 

Avoid disposable containers

Bring along your thermo mug when you explore Oslo! Many coffee shops will even reward you with a discount.

Tap water is always safe to drink in Oslo, so one solid water bottle will be enough to quench your thirst throughout the trip.

You could also get in on the last environmental trend: picking up rubbish while jogging or walking. It helps the streets stay clean and you stay fit – a definite win-win!