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The Fjord City programme and Bjørvika

Learn about the extensive renewal of Oslo's waterfront.

Several of the projects we describe in our presentation of Oslo’s new architecture are part of Fjord City (Fjordbyen in Norwegian), a programme to renew Oslo's waterfront. The plans cover 10 kilometres from east to west of Oslo's city centre, where shipyards, ports and highways must give way to museums, art venues, office spaces, apartments, and public parks.

Oslo’s City Council approved the programme in 2008. In addition to plans for future development, it subsumed some projects that were already completed or fully planned. These include the popular wharf Aker Brygge, which was built on a former industrial site in the '80s, and the recently finished neighbourhood Tjuvholmen.

The most fundamental changes and exciting architectural additions take place in Bjørvika. For decades, this area has been full of barriers separating the city from the fjord: highways, railways, and closed container ports. It is now being completely transformed. Oslo's new opera house and the Barcode high-rises have already been built here. A new seafront promenade now runs through the area. The construction of a new public library just started, and a new museum for Edvard Munch’s art is on the horizon.

Animation of upcoming development in Bjørvika