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The new Deichman main library

Oslo is building what will become one of Europe's most modern libraries.

Oslo's new main library, Deichman Bjørvika, is currently under construction in Bjørvika. When it opens in 2020, Oslo will have a modern and dynamic library that contains not only Deichman's extensive book collections, but also a movie theatre, media workshops, gaming zones, lounges and a restaurant - among other things.

The library's architecture is closely tied to its role as a public space. The top of the building cantilevers out to announce its presence to the visitors that arrive from Oslo's city center and the central station. Cuts in the facade mark the entrances the east, west and south, welcoming people from all sides of the city. Diagonal light shafts cut through the building and connect indoor spaces with the streets outside and the nearby Opera House. After dark, the building will glow and change looks as a reflection of all the different activities and events that take place inside.

The library is designed by Lund Hagem Architects and Atelier Oslo.

The new Deichman library - animation