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Bestill tilgang til VisitOSLOs åpne API

Har du lest betingelsene og dokumentasjonen og ønsker tilgang til vårt API? Bruk skjemaet under for bestilling. NB: Alle felter må fylles ut.  


Data Import - Feed

The Feed is a REST service that delivers data in XML format. You need to have/build an import program to retrieve the data and store it into your own database. If this is not 100 % in your comfort zone you should consider contracting someone to do this for you.

Full integration by import is governed by a licence and by rules for usage. The Feed shall only be used to import data into your own database. There can be no interaction between the end user application and this API, only the scheduled import program shall touch the API. For a full set of rules, parameters and implementation guidelines please see the full documentation of the Feed API. You can also view a full XML sample product.

Restrictions of data usage:

  • No Visit Oslo data can be used for any reason, by any party other than what has been approved of in the licence granted.

  • Online representation of this data may be required to reference the origin ( via a canonical link that references the exact same product on to prevent duplicate content. This will only happen if VisitOSLO, at their discretion, deems your presentation of the data not to represent additional value to the content.

  • The licence has a small initial cost and an annual hosting cost.

Please fill in the form below for registering for access to the API: 

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A sign-up cost and a yearly cost apply (see Terms of use for prices) and will be billed upon signup by New Mind | TellUs. For additional help with implementation, New Mind | TellUs' technicians can be of assistance, charging by the hour.

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