Microbreweries in Oslo

Microbreweries in Oslo

Oslo’s beer scene is bourgeoning, and more and more beer lovers are starting to get a taste for locally made, exotic brew

As a result, microbreweries have been popping up all over the city over the last few years. Some combine unique ingredients and flavours with meals, some offer fun activities with your drink.

Have a look at some of Oslo’s microbreweries and what they have to offer.

VisitOSLO/Christian Rafn
Photo: VisitOSLO/Christian Rafn

Crowbar is a two storied bar in Torggata, serving a plethora of beers, served from thousand-litre tanks to keep it cold. Crowbar’s cozy interior and atmosphere can remind you of an old-timey inn from an ancient fairy-tale, and the bar’s mascot; the crow hanging outside of the bar, definitely contributes to that. Crowbar offers a lot of great food as well, such as swine kebabs, falafels and even a whole suckling pig(!).


RØØR is one of the biggest microbrew bars in the city, and closer to the city centre than most others. Standing in Rosenkratz’ gate, RØØR is two floors of beer, shuffleboards, a stage and music exclusively plaid on vinyl. Not many bars can match RØØR’s beer selection, with over 70 beers on tap, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to taste something you’ve never tried before.

Schouskjelleren (The Schous Cellar) resemble a German beer hall rather than a traditional Norwegian pub, with its massive fireplace and vaulted brick ceiling. Schouskjelleren is standing in a historic area, in the cellar of the old Schous brewery, and is Oslo’s second oldest microbrewery. You can also book a beer tasting session at Schouskjelleren, and is a perfect activity to do with a group of friends or colleagues.

The Beer Academy
The Beer Academy isn’t your regular microbrewery. It’s one of Norway’s biggest authorities on beer. Learn how to brew your own beer, how to match food with beer and join guided beer walks all over Oslo and other major Norwegian cities.

Oslo Microbrewery
Oslo Microbrewery is the oldest Scandinavian bar to also brew its own beer. Ever since 1989, Oslo Microbrewery has stood in Bogstadveien, and it was the first bar to introduce (then) unknown types of beer like Pale Ale, IPA, Porter and Stout to Norwegians. Their selection is still as great today!

The Brewdog company is a big name in the beer business. This Scottish brewery has seen huge success with their accessible, yet creative beer experiments through the years. Their unusual naming traditions have also gotten them a lot of attention worldwide, featuring beers with names like «Hello, My Name is Mette Marit» and «Elvis Juice». BD57 is a Brewdog bar, and serves Brewdog beers from the tap, as well as a respectable selection of bottled beers. The bar’s basement houses a small stage, often putting on small shows and comedy acts.

So, if you’re one of those people who’s tired of the same old pint, check out some of these bars, and get yourself something good to drink. You deserve it!

Oslo Mikrobryggeri2
Oslo Mikrobryggeri2
Photo: Oslo Mikrobryggeri

Other Oslo Microbreweries:

Siste Sang
Vespa Og Humla
Oculus Oslo

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