Fjordside saunas in Oslo -

Sauna life by the Oslo Fjord

Urban sauna culture has taken Oslo by storm, and the Oslo harbour now boasts several options for sauna sessions followed by refreshing dips in the fjord.

The joys of sauna life, a tradition hailing from our neighbours in Finland, include relaxation, cleansing of the body and a great social atmosphere. A sauna session in Oslo may also be combined with cultural events and fjord sightseeing.

Oslo's fjordside saunas are all located along the pier known as Langkaia, a mere stone's throw from the city centre. They each have their special features –  get your swim gear out and pick your favourite.

Oslo's sustainable sauna raft

The charming Oslo sauna raft floats on the fjord vis-à-vis the Oslo Opera House. The raft is built by a group of hard-working sauna enthusiasts and made from recycled materials and driftwood rescued from the fjord. The sauna can house twelve people at a time, and there is even a hatch in the middle of the floor that leads straight down into the water.

The sauna raft is in operation all year round. In the winter, brave ice bathers gather here for the undeniably refreshing combination of sauna visits and ice-cold dips. Watch the video below to learn more about the raft and the advantages of winter swimming.

When summer has warmed up the fjord, a visit to the raft is a perfect way to spend an evening out with family or friends.

SALT – sauna and entertainment

Great sauna experiences also await at SALT, a one-of-a-kind nomadic art project that currently resides in Oslo. SALT includes three saunas that accommodate well over a hundred people in total. You can cool off outside with cold showers and relax in wooden barrels filled with water.

SALT also serves food and drinks in its charming café Naustet, and presents great musicians and inspiring lecturers inside their largest sauna on a regular basis. 


Photo: VisitOSLO/Tord Baklund

KOK – sauna and fjord sightseeing

The sauna boat KOK  can be booked all year, and offers a warm, wood-fired sauna, refreshing baths and trips in the inner Oslo Fjord. The boat is quiet, with an electric outboard motor and roof-mounted solar panels, so guests can relax and enjoy the fjord view in a noise-free environment.

View to the Opera House from KOK
View to the Opera House from KOK
Photo: VisitOSLO/Didrick Stenersen


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