Oslo in the media

Oslo in the media

Here are some of the online articles, posts and videos about Oslo produced by media around the globe in 2018/2019.


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TravelAwaits - USA - 8 Amazing Things To Do In Oslo, Norway

Muy Interesante - Spain - Oslo: luces y sombras de la Capital Verde Europea 2019

El Confidencial - Spain - El fiordo del arte: la revolución que hará de Oslo la capital cultural de Europa

Rockerilla - Italy - Tons of Rock

Lonely Planet - USA - Family travel snap: learning about Vikings and cinnamon buns in Oslo

Chosun Ilbo - South Korea - Hotel in water, library without cars ... Norwegian 'future building' experiment (transl.)

Vogue - Italy - Norvegia: alla scoperta di Oslo, green capital 2019

Berlingske - Denmark - Holmenkollen og hipsterkvarterer: Oslo er andet end dyre fadøl

Falstaff - Germany/Austria/Switzerland - Long weekend in Oslo

Weekendavisen - Denmark - Et bibliotek vokser i skoven (subsciption)

La Stampa - Italy - Il futuro delle città a Oslo

Il Sole 24 hore - Italy - Oslo, mutevole e green. Ecco come nel 2020 cambierà il suo skyline

La Repubblica - Italy - Oslo a Km 0, così la città vieta le auto (subsciption)

The Guardian - UK - Han Kang hands over book to remain unseen until 2114

Vogue Korea - South Korea - Norwegian forest novelist Han Kang (transl.)

NDR (Ostseereport) - Germany - Norwegen - Vorreiter in der Elektromobilität auf  der Straße und zu Wasser

OutAdventures (blog) - USA - Gay Guide: Oslo

Viajar - Spain - Oslo, la ciudad más verde del mundo

The Times - UK - Oslo, the new capital of Cool

Trip101 - USA - A Weekend Escape to Oslo, Norway

Sunshine Radio - Ireland - Stylish Oslo at the Hotel Continental

La Stampa - Italy -  Dai vichinghi ad Amundsen et al Kon-tiki

Politiken - Denmark - 12 grønner opplevelser i Oslo  (subsciption)

It's Carmen (blog) - USA - 18 things to do in Oslo, Norway

Reform Travel - Sweden - Oslo, en ny bekantskap och årets europeiska gröna huvudstad

Brussels Express - Belgium - The Future Library: Why Norway is planting trees of hope for the world's future generations

Norvege-fr.com (blog) - France - Han Kang, 5ème auteur à contribuer à la bibliothèque du futur qui ouvrira en 2114 à Oslo

Dagbladet - Norway - Turistene fikk ikke se "Skrik". Begynte å gråte.

The i Paper - UK - Scream to serene: a weekend exploring Edvard Munch’s Oslo is far from melancholy

VG Reise - Norway - Oslo: En by full av nyheter

Wallpaper* - USA - Amerikalinjen puts Oslo back on the map

Impact Travel Alliance - USA - 5 Tips to Plan An Epic, Sustainable Adventure in Norway

Público - Portugal - Oslo adere à vida verde: dez parques e jardins que vale pena conhecer

Elle Deco - Spain - El Oslo de Juan Herreros y Jens Richter

Forbes - USA - Norway Lures Luxury Travelers With These Two New Hotels

Motor y turismo - Spain - Oslo, capital verde

CIM Conference & Incentive Management - Germany - Oslo ist Europas "Green Capital 2019"

Staf Magazine - Spain - Escapada a Oslo 

El Independiente - Spain -  Estrellas sobre Oslo

Nowness - UK - Between the Clock and the Bed

Taste of Life Magazine - Canada - Oslo's Seafaring History Inspires a Modern Hotel

Matador Network - USAThe Ultimate Viking tour through Norway

The Manual - USA - 10 Reasons to Visit Norway in 2019

The Royal Tour (blog) - USA - Even in Winter, Oslo Sizzles



Online articles and posts 2019


Brussels Express - The Future Library: Why Norway is planting trees of hope for the world's future generations

BBT Online - Winter in Oslo, Reporting from VIPeace 2018

Trot Op! (blog) - Five Strange Things To Do in a Snowy Oslo



Berlingske - Holmenkollen og hipsterkvarterer: Oslo er andet end dyre fadøl

Weekendavisen - Et bibliotek vokser i skoven (subsciption)

Politiken - 12 grønner opplevelser i Oslo  (subsciption)



Norvege-fr.com (blog) - Des Vikings à Vigeland en passant par Munch...

Norvege-fr.com (blog) - Han Kang, 5ème auteur à contribuer à la bibliothèque du futur qui ouvrira en 2114 à Oslo



Falstaff - Long weekend in Oslo

NDR (Ostseereport) - Norwegen - Vorreiter in der Elektromobilität auf  der Straße und zu Wasser

CIM Conference & Incentive Management - Oslo ist Europas "Green Capital 2019"

Deutsche Welle - Oslo starts 2019 as Europe's Eco Capital



Rockerilla - Tons of Rock

Vogue - Norvegia: alla scoperta di Oslo, green capital 2019

La Stampa - Il futuro delle città a Oslo

Il Sole 24 hore - Oslo, mutevole e green. Ecco come nel 2020 cambierà il suo skyline

La Repubblica - Oslo a Km 0, così la città vieta le auto (subsciption)

La Stampa - Dai vichinghi ad Amundsen et al Kon-tiki



Taste of Life Magazine - Canada - Oslo's Seafaring History Inspires a Modern Hotel

Sunshine Radio - Ireland - Stylish Oslo at the Hotel Continental

Público - Portugal -  Oslo adere à vida verde: dez parques e jardins que vale pena conhecer

Chosun Ilbo - South Korea - Hotel in water, library without cars ... Norwegian 'future building' experiment (transl.)

Vogue Korea - South Korea - Norwegian forest novelist Han Kang (transl.)



Muy Interesante - Oslo: luces y sombras de la Capital Verde Europea 2019

El Confidencial - El fiordo del arte: la revolución que hará de Oslo la capital cultural de Europa

Viajar - Oslo, la ciudad más verde del mundo

Elle Deco Spain - El Oslo de Juan Herreros y Jens Richter

Motor y turismo - Oslo, capital verde

Staf Magazine - Escapada a Oslo

El Independiente - Estrellas sobre Oslo

El Independiente - Estas son las capitales a las que tienes a viajar...2019



Reform Travel - Oslo, en ny bekantskap och årets europeiska gröna huvudstad



The Guardian - Han Kang hands over book to remain unseen until 2114

The Times - Oslo, the new capital of Cool

The i Paper - Scream to serene: a weekend exploring Edvard Munch’s Oslo is far from melancholy

Nowness - Between the Clock and the Bed



TravelAwaits - 8 Amazing Things To Do In Oslo, Norway

Lonely Planet - Family travel snap: learning about Vikings and cinnamon buns in Oslo

OutAdventures (blog) - Gay Guide: Oslo

Luxurious Lifestyles - Clarion Hotel The Hub in Oslo, Norway

Just Luxe - Expanding the Legacy

Wallpaper* - Amerikalinjen puts Oslo back on the map

Open Culture - Life&Work of Edvard Munch

Impact Travel Alliance - 5 Tips to Plan An Epic, Sustainable Adventure in Norway

Cruisetotravel.com - From Vikings to Vigeland and Munch...

Forbes - Norway Lures Luxury Travelers With These Two New Hotels

Matador Network - The Ultimate Viking tour through Norway

The Manual - 10 Reasons to Visit Norway in 2019

The Royal Tour (blog) - Even in Winter, Oslo Sizzles

Practical Wanderlust (blog) - 35 Photos of Norway in the Winter to Inspire Your Wanderlust

Alice's Adventures (blog) - Ultimate Guide to Winter in Norway

Alice's Adventures (blog + video) - Winter in Norway

Coleman Concierge (blog) - Visiting Norway in Winter - The Magic of Snow and Shadows

Palm Beach Illustrated - The Scandinavian TRIFECTA (February Issue, p. 73-74)

The Virtuoso Life - 5 European Destinations making sustainable waves

The Virtuoso Life - North Star

Fast Company - What happened when Oslo decided to make its downtown basically car-free?

Architectural Digest - A Design Lover's Guide to Oslo

Bloomberg News - Where to go in 2019 

Tour de Lust (blog) - 6 Day Northern Norway Itinerary (Day 6 - Oslo)




The Industry Observer  - Want to find the next global chart topper? Norway might have the answer

The Brag - There's a Michelin star restaurant in Norway that uses ants instead of lemon



Le Touriste blog - Como chegar no Museo do Barco Viking em Bygdøy, Oslo

O Estado de Sao Paulo  - Noruega, o grito de natureza 

Agente No Turismo10 motivos para visitar a Noruega no inverno



CAA Magazine - Norway, A Blend of Cosmopolitan Culture and Adventurous Spirit (cover + p. 38-47)

Flight Network - 29 of the best European Music Festivals in Europe for 2018 (Øya festival)

CAA Magazine - Get lost in the woods: Forests with personality



Travel and Gourmet(video) - Foodie experience in Oslo



Noisey - Ting vi lærte om Norge af at have en scene på Øya Festival

Nomadepicureans (blog) -  One day in Oslo

Politiken -  To af kunstens største udbryderkonger mødes endelig (Gauguin og Munch)

Politiken -  New York Times sætter Oslo på vigtig liste over stæder, der skal besøges i 2018



Helsingin Sanomat -  H-hetki koittaa vuonna 2114 – norjalaisella metsäaukealla kasvaa Tulevaisuuden kirjasto, jonka käsikirjoitukset julkaistaan vasta ensi vuosisadalla (about Future Library)

Travel Lover (blog) - Oslo katutaiteen ystävän silmin 



Norvège-fr.com - Un séjour en hiver à Oslo 



Her -  10 great reasons that prove you should book a visit to Oslo right now



Architectural Digest Germany - Villa Stenersen ist ein unterschätztes Juwel moderner Architectur

Der Tagesspiegel  - 48 Stunden spritziges Oslo

Reisezeilen (blog) - Green Guide Oslo - Nachhaltig unterwegs in der Hauptstadt von Norwegen

Taz - Empowerment in Oslo

Testspiel.de - Black Metal, Bier und Berge - Drei Tage in Norwegen

Spiegel Online -  Zehn Tipps für einen günstigen Oslo-Trip

Die Welt  - Oslo überrascht mit Kulinarik auf höchstem Niveau

Stuttgarter Nachrichten - Eine Stadt erfindet sich neu

First Living Magazine - Unexpected Oslo

Whaelse.com - Our stay at Grand Hotel Oslo

Whaelse.com - Oslo travel guide Winter

Herz und Blut - Citytrip Oslo: Julebord Season meets Nobel Peace Prize



Hindustan Times Finding diamonds on the fjord

Live Mint  - Five great European trips combine culture and skiing



The Traveloguer -  Snowboarding in Oslo - Europe's easiest, most underrated, skiing destination  



La Stampa Oslo capitale verde europea 2019

I Viaggiascrittori  blog  - Oslo, cosa vedere in 2 giorni

ANSA ViaggiArt - La Scandinavia musicale, tra fiordi, natura e design

Family Go -Interrail Norvegia: itinerario in famiglia per ammirare la magia del Nord

Pain de Route  - Itinerario Oslo 4 giorni

Lilly's lifestyle - Oslo, l'altra faccia della città più cara d'Euopa (ma anche no)



The Asahi Shimbun Globe - Green Øya festival in Oslo



Winq  - Gay Travel Tips voor Oslo

Mae and Many - The best of Oslo

Reformatt Show - 30 Best Places in Oslo, Norway



Queer in the World  - Gay Oslo Guide: The essential guide to gay travel in Oslo 2018 



XL Semanal - Oslo se ha convertido en uno de los destinos más fascinantes...

La Razon - Viaje a Oslo, el paraíso verde del coche eléctrico

TusDestinos.net - Noruega, destino sostenible

Ticbeat  - Esta ciudad ha sido nombrada la Capital Verde Europea del 2019

Huffington Post - Las seis razones por las que Oslo será la Capital Verde Europea 2019

Condé Nast Traveler - Oslo, la ciudad que vive, trabaja y sueña en verde

Economia de hoy  - Oslo seleccionada Capital Verde Europea 2019  

Viajes y fotografia - Oslo es cultura, Oslo es European Green Capital 2019

El Español Qué debe hacer Madrid para ser Oslo

El Periódico  - Grünerløkka, en Oslo: el barrio hipster en el que querrías vivir 

Cerosdobe  - Noruega encabeza la marcha verde sobre la movilidad

Viajes y fotografía  - En Oslo la e-mobility es ya presente

Ticbeat -  Entramos en Snøhetta, la firma de arquitectura noruega 

Víajes y fotografía  - Oslo lo tiene claro: la sostenibilidad es el camino a seguir en Noruega

Cerodosbe - Cinco secretos que sólo podrás descubrir en Oslo

El Confidencial - La paradoja noruega: en la gran fiesta del coche eléctrico, el petróleo pone la música 

Los viajes de Claudia (blog)  - 10 imprescindibles que ver en Oslo en un día

Hola  - Grünerløkka, conoce el Oslo más hipster  

ABC  - El impresionante edificio que cambió el paisaje de Oslo

El País  - Navegando hacia los barcos vikingos 

La Vanguardia - Cómo sobrevivir 48 horas en Oslo

Condé Nast Traveler  - A dos horas de cualquier parte de Europa: así se monta la ciudad perfecta para vivir y viajar

Aragón Tv- Noruega 

La Vanguardia - Vigeland, el parque más sorprendente de Oslo

El Mundo  - El trampolín prodigioso de Holmenkollen

Libertad digital -  La ópera de Oslo celebra sus primeros 10 años

LaVanguardia - Funky, brutalista o futurista. Recorremos Oslo a través de su arquitectura

Jotdown Oslo en dos patadas

Mujer hoy - Noruega, el país más feliz del mundo 

Marta Pombo (vlog)  -  Cómo congelarnos en Noruega



The Guardian - An affordable winter sports break in Oslo...

National Geographic Traveller The Cool List 2019: #11 Oslo - Europe's Green capital is a futuristic playground

The Line of Best Fit  - The Cure, Sigrid and more announced for Øya Festival 2019

The Independent  - Future Library: The Norwegian forest that will become an anthology of 100 books in 100 years

Would be Traveller (blog) - Eco-friendly Oslo: European Green Capital 2019  

The Luxury Editor  - Best hotels in Oslo 

Daily Express - Overlooked Oslo: The Norwegian capital is one of Lonely Planet's top cities of the year

The Guardian  - 10 of the best outdoor art installations worldwide: readers’ travel tips

Attaché- Oslo Travel Guide (video)

The Independent - Øya festival review: The best line-up of the summer

The Telegraph - Why Oslo is the best city for long summer nights

The Sunday Times - Oslo city guide: the Big Weekend

The Independent - Losæter: The Oslo urban farm that is changing the future of sustainable dining 

Screen Daily -  Oslo Pix returns for second year with three competitions

Gay Star News 5 magical magical to do in Oslo [...]

The Times of our lives (blog) - Five reasons why you should take the train from Bergen to Oslo

Make New Tracks  - A weekend guide to Oslo

The Independent - Nine of the best music festivals in Europe 

The Telegraph The World's 27 most hipster neighbourhoods

Travel Man (TV show) - 48 hours in Oslo

Nikki Langworthy (blog)  - Obsessing over Oslo

Culture Trip - Europe's largest art collection belongs to everyone

Candid Magazine - Oslo: Scandinavia's art capital

Design Curial  - Oslo airport's new terminal is designed to be stress free

The Herald  - Is Oslo Europe's greenest capital?

BBC  -  Residents of Oslo, Norway, ski along streets

The Independent  - Øya Festival announces Kendrick Lamar (...)

Clash - Kendrick Lamar, Arcade fire for Oya Festival



The New York Times - The Magnus Effect: Norway Falls Hard for Chess 

Lonely Planet - Best new openings for travellers in 2019

The New York Times  - 36 Hours in Oslo

Departures - How a Norwegian Chef Collective is upping the countries Culinary Game (Lava Oslo)

Departures - Why Oslo's Art Scene is Booming

Dangerous Business - A Perfect 10 day itinerary for Norway

Departures - 4 New-Nordic Restaurants redefining Oslo's Culinary Scene

Forbes How Kendrick Lamar,  Arcade Fire And Patti Smith Helped Showcase Oslo At Norway's Oya Festival

HauteLiving.com - Where to stay in the world's most expensive cities

Deseret News - Why Oslo's "greedy method" may be the answer...

Condé Nast Traveler - The best cities in Europe: 2018 Reader's Choice Awards

Condé Nast Traveler - The Best Hotels in Europe: 2018 Readers' Choice Awards

Departures  - How Norway's Cutting-edge Architects Pay Homage to the Country's Natural Splendor

The Washington Post -  A U.S. traveler's urge to see Norway is all in his genes

Uproxx  Destination music festivals that are definitely worth traveling for 

Peter Greenberg Worldwide - The Thief Hotel in Oslo, Norway

Clean Technica -  The fight against pollution in European cities

Vogue - How to Spend a Romantic, Relaxed Day in Oslo

Paper Magazine  - Oslo musts from two stylish natives

Gessato - 72 hours in Oslo

JustLuxe - AMERIKALINJEN - Creating Oslo's Newest Luxury Hotel With A Century-Old, Seafaring Legacy

Uproxx Øya festival and how music festivals help us experience the world 

New York Magazine - Insider Travel Itineraries for 9 Far-Flung Cities

Uproxx - The best Norwegian artists to catch at this year's Øya festival   

gb&d - The 7 Most Sustainable cities in the World 

Buzzfeed -  The Proud Experience in Oslo 

The New York Times  - Keep Oslo Weird

Hornet - The Hornet Guide to Gay Oslo

Sightunseen  - Inside Villa Stenersen

Her Campus - The 7 most famous LGBT Pride parades around the world  

The Seattle Times - In Oslo, even the buildings celebrate governing and interdependence

The New Yorker  - SKAM, the radical teen drama that unfolds one post at a time 

Men's Journal -The new Capital of Scandi-cool: A 4-day Weekend in Oslo

Svadore - Top Things to Do in Oslo in May

The New York Times  New New Nordic Cuisine takes hold in Oslo

Passport Magazine - My favorite restaurants with a view 

Surface Magazine  - Oslo

The Talking Suitcase (blog) - What to do in Oslo with teens

Global Traveler - Hot Spots in Oslo

Kids are a trip (blog)  - 7 things families will love to do in Oslo, Norway

Rick Steves' Europe- In Oslo, the Future is Now 

Travel to Blank - Four day winter walking guide itinerary to Oslo, Norway

Travel to Blank - 36 photos to inspire you to visit Oslo during winter

Resident Magazine - Discover Oslo, the Nordic Gem

Travel Pulse - Luxury reinvented: Food, arts and culture in Oslo

MoneyInc - Discover Oslo, the Nordic gem

Bloomberg  -  These Five Great European Trips Combine both Culture and Skiing 

Compass and Twine  - A perfect day in Oslo, Norway

Black and Abroad (blog) - Oslo: A Visitor's Guide

The Huffington Post  - A very Royal Tour: 48 hours in Oslo 

The Duane Wells (blog) - A very Royal Tour: 48 hours in Oslo

The New York Times - 52 Places to Go in 2018 

The New York Times - 10 bargain destinations for 2018






La Nación - Los limites de la idolatria (SKAM)



Noisey - Australia - A day out in Oslo with Jenny Hval



Cineuropa -  Oslo Pix, the return of an international film fest to Oslo



Julia Elizabeth blog -  48 hours as a tourist in my own city

SnowSportsCulture.com - A Ski nerd's guide to Oslo



 Vive Nórdico (Oslo - teaser) and videos from Oslo from the TV show here



Global Times /Metro Shangai - Explore Oslo's treasures



Gastromand - Maaemo, min norske forelskelse 

Politiken - 'Snemanden' skal ses for sin mindeværdige seriemorder

Dejlige Days - City break to Oslo (blog)

Politiken - Interview med Karl Ove Knausgård: "Jeg er på vej ud af det selvbiografiske"
Berlingske Tidende - Ski og storby i Oslo



Helsingin Sanomat Tuore ja hauska kaupunkikulttuuri kukoistaa vaihtoehtoisessa Oslossa 

Aamulehti.fi - Aiotko Osloon? – Katso tästä hittisarja Skamin aitojen tapahtumapaikkojen osoitteet

Aamulehti.fi - Sana, Magnus vai Vilde, Skam-fanien arvailu kuumenee – olisiko seuraava päätähti upea muslimityttö?


Lonely Planet - 7 expériences à vivre à Oslo

Le Monde -  La stratégie d’Oslo pour réduire, voire éliminer, les voitures personnelles

Madame Le Figaro - Week-end à Oslo sans casser sa tirelire

Grazia Magazine/Grazia.fr - Skam, pépite norvégienne

Gulli tv / Arthur autotour du monde - Oslo. Arthur visite la ville

Gulli tv / Arthur autotour du monde - Oslo. Arthur sur le bord de mer

Gulli tv / Arthur autotour du monde - Oslo. Arthur et les traditions norvégiennes


Femtastics  - 10 Gründe, warum Ihr nach Oslo müsst

Edison - So will Oslo Autos aus der Innenstadt komplimentieren

Die Zeit - "Roh, kraftvoll, intensiv" (Knausgård/Munch)

Artmapp - Riesen, Trolle und der Schrei im Zinnober

Artmapp - Von Puritanern und Dachsegeln



Luxury Launches - An Insider's Guide - Things to do in Oslo, Norway
Conde Nast India -  How to spend your summer in Scandinavia  



Her Family -  10 great reasons that prove that you should book a visit to Oslo right now. 



Vita da turista - Oslo e l'aurora boreale

Zingarate -  La Norvegia de l'Uomo di neve. Passeggiata nelle locations del film

La Repubblica - L'uomo di neve. Jo Nesbø sbarca al cinema. 

Io Donna A Oslo sul set del film l'Uomo di neve

Fammi volare Oslo: consigli di visita per viaggiatori

www.federicapiersimoni.it -  Norvegia con un bambino. Cosa aspettarsi (blog)

www.federicapiersimoni.it - Quali musei visitare a Oslo in un giorno  (blog)

Giornale dei Comuni - A Oslo la sindaca innova con open data e intelligenza artificiale

L'Uomo Vogue -  Come cambia Oslo nel 2017

Viaggi verde acido - Visitare Oslo in due giorni, un itinerario (blog)

Il Giornale del Cibo -  Cucina norvegese

Rai3, Kilimangiaro - Norvegia - Le due capitali Oslo e Bergen

Cecilia Campolonghi Photography (blog)  Oslo, capitale da non perdere



Yahoo! Japan News - Food at the Øya festival

Yahoo! Japan News - Fretex- Second hand shopping at Øya festival 



The Luxeologist  - The Luxeologist’s Guide to: Oslo

Inspired by Maps - Conquer Oslo like a true Viking in 48 hours with the Oslo Pass

Jen Reviews - 100 best things to do in Norway



Kinopoisk - Dead snow: Where the thriller "The Snowman" with Fassbender was filmed



Agenttravel.es - La Ópera de Oslo, diez años posicionando la ciudad como capital arquitectónica 

Gastronomistas - 25 (y más) motivos para volar a Oslo

Vinacora - ¿Cuáles son los mejores restaurantes de Europa?

El Viaje de Sofi  - Cuento de Navidad en Vigeland park

El Viaje de Sofi- Viajar a Oslo, 10 razones para amar la capital noruega

El Mundo - Oslo acaricia la utopía de vivir sin coches

Sobremesa - Maaemo, espacio gastronómico al norte del firmamento

El Mundo -  Así es Oslo, la ciudad de la felicidad y la riqueza

Elle - Las ciudades mas elegantes del mundo

La Vanguardia - Grünerløkka, el barrio hipster de Oslo

Into the Blue (Ryanair)  - Oslo, una ciudad europea, al último grito 

Objectivo Viajar - Grünerløkka, los mejores planes para disfrutar del barrio más trendy de Oslo

El Viaje de SofiGalería Nacional de Oslo, mucho más que El grito de Munch

El Mundo Fassbender y 'El muñeco de nieve', guías de excepción de Noruega

La Orquesta del Titanic  - Tomas Alfredson: Jo Nesbø es único.." 

La orquesta del Titanic - Harry Hole necesita mi ayuda

Condé Nast Traveler - Grünerløkka, el barrio más cool de Oslo 

Elle El manual del perfecto viajero eco 

7 Caníbales - European tour 1 Oslo, Noruega

Libertad Digital - Oslo: El verano sin calor puede ser maravilloso 

Elle  - Made in Oslo

El Mundo -  Oslo: literatura, pan y arquitectura en la ciudad de Edvard Munch

Yo Dona -  La seducción de Oslo

Dog Friendly Traveler -  Oslo, la primavera del planeta - 9 (blog)

Dog Friendly Traveler - Viviendo de cerca la historia del pueblo noruego (blog)

Dog Friendly Traveler -  Oslo la primavera del planeta - 5 (blog)

Dog Friendly Traveler -  Oslo la primavera del planeta - 4 (blog)

Travel rocks - Ruta creativa por Oslo (blog)

Dog Friendly Traveler - Oslo la primavera del planeta - 3 (blog)

La Vanguardia  - Oslo se reinventa

Dog Friendly Traveler - Oslo: La primavera del planeta - 2  (blog)

Vanity Fair - El escritor noruego que se negó a ser "el hombre más interesante del mundo

El País Knausgård indaga en la faceta más desconocida de Edvard Munch

El Mundo - Karl Ove Knausgård: "El arte de la pintura consiste en percibir"

El País - Un fiordo de hormigón, protagonista del nuevo museo Munch en Oslo

Top bici - Oslo: en bici por la ciudad verde

Condé Nast Traveler - 48 horas en Oslo

El Mundo - Anatomía urbana de la fascinante Oslo

El País - Noruega se enchufa al siglo que viene

Dog Friendly Traveler -  Oslo: La primavera del planeta (blog)




Dagens Nyheter - Nu reser sig det nya Oslo

Dagens Nyheter - Mot skogen – Knausgård om Munch på Munchmuseet i Oslo

SVT - Knausgård börjar om på nytt – med hjälp av Munch

TV4 - Tv-succé lockar turistar till Oslo och SKAM-skolan



The Independent  - Oslo: Where to eat, drink, shop and stay in Norway's capital

Escapism - Where to eat and drink in Oslo, Norway

The Guardian Hotdog heaven on the streets of Oslo

Condé Nast Traveller Oslo, the new capital of Scandi cool

Culture Trip  - We need to talk about SALT

Lonely Planet  - The best of Oslo (Best in Travel 2018 video)

Lonely Planet - A guide to the cutting-edge architecture of Oslo

Lonely Planet - Oslo's standout coffee shops

Lonely Planet -  Hipster Oslo 

Lonely Planet - On the trail of Munch in Oslo

Culture Trip Apps you need to download before visiting Norway

The Telegraph -  Michael Fassbender on murder, misogyny and the making of Jo Nesbø's The Snowman

The Pigeon Pair and Me -  14 fabulous, fun things to do in Oslo

The Business Travel News - On tour

Inside the Travel Lab -  Visiting the Scream in Oslo

London Evening Standard  - 10 reasons why you should visit Oslo in 2017

Hypebae - Here's why Oslo's Øya is one of the most gender-equal in the world  

The Independent - Øyafestivalen review

Culture Trip 7 acts from  around the world that wowed us at Øya music festival 

Ladies What Travel -  The Best of Oslo in 3 days (blog)

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